Website Design

Website Design

Our mission

Website Design

We can create the perfect website for your business, weather you want a simple website or an ecommerce website which includes a shopping cart with global payment methods.

It is vital to speak to a digital marketer about what you would like your website to do before creating it. Most people would like their website to attract business online, so we explain all the options so your website is created accordingly.

Website Workflow

Our strategy

How Does It Work

Our initial meeting will include a fact finding process so we can understand your goals and your current position. This will provide information what to include in your website and we provide you with a quote.

Once you are happy to proceed we will provide you a design you like and start working to get your content and media on your website. We can help create SEO friendly content which will engage your audience and turn them into a client.  Help is also available to choose pictures or other media for your website.

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Key Features

A website has so many more elements these days, at Heritage we make sure you are looked after. We are here to advice on key features which are often omitted from the process.

  • SSL. Make sure your License is in place.
  • Hosting. We look at the speed and value in particular.
  • Enquiry forms. We can put the right form to convert visitors into clients.
  • On Page SEO. This include items like 301, 404 pages. H1 Tags, Sitemaps, Robots, etc. 
  • Social Media. Linking your accounts

Client Case Studies

FCA regulation. We have experience providing FCA complicate websites

Key Disclosures. Cookies Policy, GDPR, Terms of Business etc.

Design Process

Our website process

We want to understand your goals and find out your current position. This includes reviewing your Facebook profile.

We will carry out analysis of your competition and the market.

We ensure you have the right account and is ready.

Set up and create your sales funnel. Provide content and align with marketing strategy.

We have complete understanding of various click through ratios involved and we closely monitor data to improve ad campaigns.