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SEO Innovative Strategies

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is driving online traffic to your business, typically through search engines such as Google. There are many components to deliver a successful SEO campaign and at Heritage we aim to build the strategy around your business. This ensure we provide the best use of your resources and delivery a high quality service. Our mastered techniques enable your business to become leaders in communities which are local, national and global.

SEO Workflow

Our Expertise

On Page SEO

So many businesses do not understand the importance of On Page SEO. We make sure the backend of the website is all in sync which has a huge impact on your search engine ranking.  This includes items like H1 Tags, Meta Description, Meta Tags, 404 Error Page, 301 Redirect Page, Sitemap etc.

Keyword Ranking

Here at Heritage we can put a strong keyword strategy in place which improves page rankings. We research which words your customers will be typing for your services and carefully add them to your content. Targeting the right keywords is essential for placing a strong SEO strategy.

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Competitors & Market Analysis

It is essential to find out how your product or service compares to your competitors and how the market will react to your offer before starting any marketing campaigns. We can provide you vital information if you are priced correctly and we can establish the requirements to increase your market share.


At Heritage we can provide excellent content by using keywords to engage your audience. We can post blogs across a wide range of platforms which include social media. This is a great way to increase your online exposure and reach out to new customers. We create our blogs so we keep them plagiarism free.


It’s not number of links you have but the quality of links. We can help build links with good domain authority and clean up poorly performing links. We are consist preforms site audits which pick broken links and we keep a list of sites with excellent domain authority to have a positive impact to your site immediately.

Content Duplication

Provide unique content for directories and update every 3-4 months. This helps with page rankings, as duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines. Completing profiles and changing content on directory improve page rankings. We also make sure your content is updated and relveant to your audience.

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Customer Reviews

Having a customer review strategy for your business is essential as it can have a huge impact on your audience. Adding customer reviews, likes and rating across a wide range of platforms. We are able to contact customer directly and reply to reviews on your behalf. We also have a lot of experience dealing with resolving negative reviews. 

Site Audits

We perform site audits  periodically so any errors and improvements can be picked up and resolved immediately. This is a complete review of your On and Off Page SEO which ensures SEO is working correctly and to its maximum capacity. Feel free to contact us today and we will provide you with a free site audit.

Google & Bing Analytics

At Heritage we love data driven results. We are constantly reviewing website traffic. We like evidence based work so reviewing analytics is key and this is one way we measure performance. We are able to provide you reports and make recommendation based on the data we receive. 

Site Load Times

Search engine algorithms are giving a lot of weight to your website’s loading time because they want to improve the customer experience. At Heritage we have softwares which measure site load times, so we use these tools to help improve performance by diagnosing issues.

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SEO Process

Our SEO Process

We want to understand your goals and find out your current position. This includes preform a full site audit.

We will carry out analysis of your competition and the market.

Set up and create a workflow. Provide content and align with marketing strategy.

We have complete understanding of various click through ratios involved and we closely monitor data to improve your SEO campaigns.