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Paid/PPC Marketing

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Paid Media / Pay Per Click

Using Paid Media or Pay Per Clicks is certainly an excellent to way to scale up your business and get results instantly. Another advantage is we can calculate your Return On Investment (ROI) accurately. ROI is a percentage which simply looks at the amount you are spending on marketing verses the business you generate.


We use a vast amount of Paid Media channels which include, Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Bing, Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Retargeting Ads.

PPC Workflow

Our Strategy

How Does It Work

Your business ad or listing is shown to a targeted audience using the channel’s algorithm. You are charged for every visitor click you receive.

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What We Do

As every social media has is catered to a certain audience we match you with the right channel so you can attract the right customer. We conduct an audit so we can determine the goals of your business. 

After researching your competitors and the market we help you craft your offer which is placed in your tailor made marketing campaign.

We are experts in paid media advertising so we understand the science behind the algorithms. We use our experience and knowledge to analysis data to ensure the ads are performing at their optimum level.

At Heritage we keep ROI at the heart of all our campaign so we can ensure by using us your business is in profit.

PPC Process

Our PPC Process

We want to understand your goals and find out exactly where you are right now.

We will carry out analysis of your competition and the market.

We ensure you have the right account and is ready.

We help create your chosen medium to display your business and get everything together to create a powerful ad campaign.

We have complete understanding of various click through ratios involved and we closely monitor data to improve ad campaigns.