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Our Mission

Google Ads

Google continues to dominate the world as it’s still the most used platform. This allows you to put your business right in front your ideal customer exactly when they need you.

Google likes to set trends and fasting becoming not only the best search engine but also an answer engine by providing the answer to your queries directly. So it remains a great attraction to businesses who want generate sales online.

Google Ads is also great with handling your budget and ROI as you are able use any budget and workout your ROI accurately.

Google Workflow

Our Strategy

How Does It Work

Your business link will be displayed in the sponsored section on Google, that’s either the top 3 or bottoms 3 listings of the first page. So when your ideal customer types the product or service they need your business pops up.

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What We Do

We will start by doing an audit and finding out more about your goals. Then we will research your competitors and the market to help craft your offer which is placed in your tailor made marketing campaign.

As Google Ads experts we will design your strategy which implements the all techniques used in Google’s Learning Machine. We use Smart Bidding which is a set of conversion-based bid strategies, this will help you tailor the right bid at every auction. Once the campaign is live data will be collect daily which will provide various metrics such as conversion rates, click through rates and audience insights. The Google Ad campaign will closely monitored to ensure your budget is being used to providing you the best results.

At Heritage we keep ROI at the heart of all our campaign so we can ensure by using us your business is in profit.

Google Process

Our Google Ad Process

We want to understand your goals and to find out your current position.

We will carry out analysis of your competition and the market.

We ensure you have the right account and is ready.

Set up and create a powerful campaign which aligns with Learning Machine.

We have complete understanding of various click through ratios involved and we closely monitor data to improve your live ad campaigns.